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Solutions for manufacturers of rubber, plastics and derivatives

Epicor solutions enable all types of plastic and rubber manufacturers(including extrusion, injection, molding, thermoforming, and plastic film and bag making)strengthen delivery scheduling, manage raw materials, reduce excess inventory, and increase profitability. 

Meet business challenges

  • Manage in detail thecost of each production run, including reports by part or by run

  • Integrated Scheduling and Advanced Planning and Scheduling functionalities designed to help you meetrequirements of your customers

  • Epicor's robust infrastructure, along with its Quality Suite, offers a comprehensive approach toautomate the compliance process including ISO/AS/TS requirements

  • Material requirements planning tools help you manage the ever-increasing variety of plastics you work with. Epicor MRP tools canpredict parts requirements, adjust production, as forecasts change, and generate suggested purchase orders to cover anticipated shortages in your raw material inventories

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Reduce costs without compromising quality


Manufacturing quality parts is a main objective of any manufacturer in the plastic and rubber industry; can reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

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Auros is a GOLD PARTNER of Epicor Software with extensive experience in offering comprehensive solutions to the manufacturing industry.

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