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Kinetic Applications

Auros applications allow you to control all aspects of the organization to guarantee the success of your operations

Payment interface

Simplify your payments to providers with our application "Auros Pagos". Once your payments have been made in Epicor ERP, generate the corresponding file for the bank, upload it and that's it!

Payroll interface

With our "Auros payroll" interface, integrate your external software into Epicor automatically.

Exchange Rate Automation

Register the exchange rate automatically daily with our application "Auros Exchange Rate"

Suppliers Invoices

Avoid manually registering supplier invoices with our application, just enter the invoice number on the reception screen and our application will generate the financial record.

Blacklist Validation Clients + Provider

Maintain peace of mind with customer and supplier transactions, with our app "Auros List" that validates if they do not belong to the SAT black list, avoid penalties.

Addenda development

Addenda development to meet the requirements of your clients, we have experience with large clients.

Tailor-made service for the customer

A service focused on helping you get the most out of your Epicor ERP. Having at your disposal consultants with experience in Finance, Distribution, Manufacturing, Tools, etc ... Certified in the latest technologies and endorsed by Epicor Software.

Freight Development

Identify the cost of shipping to your customers with the application of "Auros freights"

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